Why You Need Building Directory Signs in Johns Creek GA
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Why You Need Building Directory Signs in Johns Creek GA

Are new clients routinely late to their appointments in your office? Have you received calls from customers who are in the building but cannot find your location? Worse yet, have you had cancellations from prospective clients who said they were confused by your building? If any of these sound familiar, you know it is high time to revisit your choice of building directory signs in Johns Creek, GA.

Clarity Matters to the Consumer

Whether you operate a law firm, medical office, or different business altogether, consider the fact that customer service must be at the top of your list of priorities. You have plenty of competition, and prospective customers are notoriously nervous when visiting new venues. Put them at ease as soon as they set foot inside your building. Doing so can be as simple as spelling out the locations of departments, offices, and other must-know locales in your setting. When you make the navigation of hallways and floors a snap, you are much more likely to retain the customer than to lose the business relationship to a competitor who succeeded at putting the client’s mind at ease.

Choose the Right Material

We usually recommend hard-wearing materials such as metal or acrylic. They allow for frequent changes to the signage without bending, breaking, or scratching. Protect the front of the directory with a polycarbonate lens that prevents unauthorized alterations to the display. We usually treat these lenses with an anti-glare coating, which makes it possible to read the information even in full sunlight.

Panels Allow for Multi-building Navigation

The more buildings you have on your property, the more intricate your directory setup becomes. In these situations, we recommend the use of a large panel that comfortably accommodates a greater number of blades spelling out the names of professionals, businesses, and suite numbers. It is tempting to choose a smaller board, but remember that in so doing you also end up reducing the size of the font. Since you do not want customers squinting at your sign, stay with a larger model that lets you provide information without eyestrain. Always offer a map that displays the various buildings and the central departments they house.

Curved Blades are Ideal for Smaller Buildings

When you operate your business out of a smaller office building, it makes sense to dress up the directory a little. The use of curved blades provides the same visually pleasing display as a gull wing setup for a trade show booth backdrop. Curvatures underscore the ambiance of an office building and bring a little personalization to the mix. But no matter what configuration you select, remember that each blade should be removable. Since you do not want to feature outdated information, it is crucial to either remove or turn over a leaf that no longer displays accurate tenant, business, or office information.

Buy Building Directory Signs in Johns Creek, GA

Before deciding on a look, schedule a design consultation with our graphic artists. Doing so offers you the opportunity to have a product created that is not only functional but also instrumental in communicating your branding message. Call us today to get the process started!

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