Why Mobile Marketing with Box Truck Wraps in Roswell GA Works!
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December 13, 2016
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Why Mobile Marketing with Box Truck Wraps in Roswell GA Works!

The box truck is the workhorse of the mid-sized or small business. It delivers products to customers, transports materials, and hauls away any unwanted appliances or renovation trash. The majority of these conveyances feature white sides and backs with plenty of rivets. Larger than a van but smaller than a hefty moving truck, it presents the ideal canvas for your company’s advertising and branding messages. Because plenty of business owners realize that being a part of the mobile marketing revolution is a necessity to become and remain competitive in their respective fields, they contact our experts to talk about box truck wraps in Roswell, GA.

Stats Prove that Wraps Work

We like to use 3M vinyl film, among other top brands, for the wraps we print. This manufacturer has studied the success of vehicles treated with vinyl graphics and made some hard-hitting discoveries.

High recollection rates – Mobile marketing is memorable. Ninety-seven percent of polled consumers remembered seeing the ad and recalled its content.
Excellent impression – Ninety-eight percent revealed that the advertisement reflected well on the business.
Better and cheaper than billboards – Ninety-six percent shared their belief that the graphics had a better impact than billboards. Cost comparisons show that while a marketer would have to spend $3.56 for outdoor advertising to get 1,000 impressions, a wrap rakes in the same number of impressions for only $0.48.

The Benefits of Installing Vehicle Wraps

Rather than presenting your business with little more than a blank slate, you display its brand as being innovative, stable, trustworthy, on task, or any other emotion you seek to evoke so that the consumer connects with the firm on a gut level. From an advertising standpoint, the larger than average size of the box truck makes it ideal for the display of a business’ name, logo, and tagline as well as graphics that highlight the niche of the company.

What Companies do Well with Box Truck Ads?

Countless business types can benefit from investing in the marketing product. For example, party planners, caterers, delivery specialists, contractors, window replacement firms, and a host of other enterprises easily stand out among the competition with wraps. The same applies to professional movers and junk haulers. In fact, there is no niche that would not benefit from advertising with box trucks graphics incorporated into a larger design. Those who may reap even greater benefits are fleet managers who decide to have multiple vehicles treated with the imprinted vinyl. After all, imagine if you could multiply the impressions generated by the advertising method!

How to Order Box Truck Wraps in Roswell, GA

Contact our graphic arts specialists to talk about your vision for a marketing message. Our pros help with the assembly of images, lettering, ad copy, and the overall arrangement of the style elements. When you already have some artwork on file, we integrate it into the wrap design. If you prefer to treat a fleet of box trucks with graphics and lettering combos, we can assist you with this task, too.

Call us today to schedule your design consultation!

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