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April 7, 2017
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Sign Color

What Does Your Sign Color Say About You?

As early as the age of four we start to recognize that a sign (logo)’s color is associated with something. By eight years old, we can consistently recall signs and the products associated with them. Your sign is the first thing a customer will see and think of when recalling your business. It is the visual representation of your company, its products and values. With a strong sign, you can build your brand and accent your overall messaging, especially with color.

Color can bring on multiple layers of meaning, shape customer opinions and invoke feelings. 85% of customers claim color as their primary reason for buying and studies show that within the first 90 seconds of seeing an advertisement an opinion is formed by a customer. That’s really only enough time to look at the packaging on the product, the sign on a building or a wrapped vehicle’s messaging.

What Do The Colors Mean? Here are just few that stand out.

  1. Red: attracts attention and evokes strong emotions like confidence, power and passion.Red Signage
    • Encourages appetite and risk taking.
    • Creates a sense of urgency – think clearance signs.
    • As a Brand: powerful and high energy. Recommended for restaurants or businesses encouraging food purchases. Arbys
  2. Yellow: associated with happiness, caution and optimism
    • Increases cheerfulness and warmth.
    • Used to grab attention of window shoppers.
    • As a Brand: Positive and friendly. With the right shade it can grab a potential customer’s attention and convey happiness. McDonalds
  3. Green: represents growth, freshness, relaxation and healing
    • Associated with nature, health, good luck, and jealousy.
    • Can also symbolize money, wealth, or fertility.
    • As a Brand: Most commonly, environmentally friendly. Good for organic brands or companies that want to highlight their ethical practices.
  4. Blue: Evokes feelings of tranquility, trust, stability and security Calms the senses and lowers blood pressure.
    • Conveys authority, success, integrity and professionalism.
    • As a Brand: Professional and logical. This color is better for corporate, government or legal businesses rather than those in the food industry. Bank of America
  5. Pink: associated with femininity, warmth and energy.
    • Associated with sweetness and fun.
    • Can evoke a sense of playfulness and flintiness.
    • As a Brand: You are embracing a girly, lively, fun image. Good for businesses with women as their target market or businesses that sell treats like ice cream or donuts. Barbie, Dunkin Donuts
  6. Black: associated with sophistication, power, professionalism, luxury and exclusivity
    • Evokes feelings of luxury due to its elegance and glamour.
    • Strength in its simplicity.vehiclewrapsdesign_van
    • As a Brand: Well-established with a strong reputation. Not meant for businesses that want to be flashy such as financial, corporate, or manufacturing.

The Importance of Color Branding For Your Signs

By sticking to one or two colors, your sign will be easier to recall and could eventually become synonymous with your brand, just look at Coca-Cola. If you are a global brand, you have to make sure you are aware of the culture in your area; colors have different meanings in different countries.

Now that you have your colors picked out it is time to put that logo on your building or wrap it around a car for everyone to see. Make your messaging counts by placing your sign where it can be seen.

Apex Makes Your Messaging Count

Apex Signs and Graphics knows how to make your sign and your business stand out. Whether it is your storefront signage, lobby sign, outdoor building sign and your indoor signs, our design team can give your messaging the boost it needs. We have a combine 35 years of experience in knowing how to great sign design along with placement, messaging and vehicle wraps to make your brand stand out from the crowd. Contact us today at (678) 795-0775 or visit us to request a quote.

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