What Is Wide Format Printing?
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What Is Wide Format Printing?

In recent months, the friendly technicians at Apex Signs & Graphics have received many calls about wide format printing. Atlanta businesses are getting ready for national trade shows, local exhibitions and they also prepare for attendance at other events where banners are a necessity. To take the mystery out of the creation of these visual marketing products, we have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions and their answers.
Before we delve in, however, take a look at our informational video:

Q: What is the actual definition of wide format printing?

A: Wide format printing services refer to the creation of banners or other materials that are between 17 to 100 inches wide. Mind you, this is by no means the limit of our printing capabilities! Yet anything that surpasses the 100-inch mark is referred to in the trade as the grand format.

Q: Doesn’t screen-printing already accomplish these larger prints?

A: Yes and no. Although screen-printing does accomplish many of the same tasks as wide formatting, it does not necessarily do so at the most economical level. If you are printing a larger amount of banners or decals, opting for screen-printing can get a bit more costly. For this reason, the wide print method is quickly becoming a favorite for corporations across the country. It produces stellar results at a fraction of the cost that a screen print would demand.

Q: What can you print with this process?

A: Indeed, what can we not print? We create trade show graphics, banners of all kinds, magnetic decals for vehicles, vehicle wraps, wall graphics, window graphics and all types of other creations. There is no limit.

Q: Do you only print on paper?

A: Actually, we print on a wide variety of media. Depending on the intended usage of the finished product, we print on vinyl, glossy-coated papers or matte substrates.

Q: Q: Is the printing paper of good quality?

A: With names like HP, Canon and Epson, you know that it is good. When we do use paper as opposed to vinyl, we choose a type that best suits the project. Our options include heavyweight coated paper, bright white bond paper or matte banner paper at a thickness of 14mil. We can also print to self-adhesive vinyl paper or onto photographic paper with a satin finish.

Q: Is it possible to look at the paper ahead of time?

A: Sure! When you contact our friendly graphic artists with your banner needs, we discuss your intended use of the finished marketing materials to ensure that we use exactly the right substrate. The location where you intend to display the banners or decals – indoors or outside – as well as the sun exposure heavily influence the use of printing materials. Moreover, if you intend to re-use banners in the future at other locations, we would most likely suggest the use of a much more durable medium than for a one-time display. We keep paper samples on hand for our clients to look at and feel, which helps to gain a better understanding of the finished product’s appearance.

You probably have many more questions about wide format printing Fulton County, GA, entrepreneurs are choosing now. Contact Us Today! We’ll gladly discuss this printing method as well as other means of creating interesting, eye-popping and attention-getting visual marketing materials.

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