We’ve Got Vehicle Graphics for Ambulances in Roswell GA!
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We’ve Got Vehicle Graphics for Ambulances in Roswell GA!

MorningStar E.M.S. operates from its location at 11205 Alpharetta Highway, Building J, in Suite 1B. This non-emergency ambulance service provider makes patient transportation to a broad range of medical facilities possible. During each trip, coordinated services ensure that the patient’s medical needs are met. When the company added a new vehicle to its fleet, its management team contacted us to discuss the design, manufacture, and installation of vehicle graphics for ambulances in Roswell, GA.

Standing out with Functional Graphics

In addition to the lights that make the ambulance stand out, the graphics play a dual role. On the one hand, they provide the company’s information for consumers in need of non-emergency transport. On the other hand, they ensure that motorists understand the function of the ambulance and respond appropriately. This type of response is of particular importance during the time that patients are boarding.

For this vehicle, we designed gold and blue stripes as well as the lettering that identifies the business. Set against the backdrop of the white paint job, these colors stand out and reflect well after dark. The company’s phone number displays in blue letters on a gold stripe. Lettering also identifies the function of the vehicle along the caution lights at the top of the ambulance. On the side where personnel may enter, we display the company’s information in the same way. Smaller letters identify the vehicle’s fleet number to assist with dispatch-related questions.

Selecting Graphics for a Variety of Non-emergency Vehicles

Whether you provide non-emergency medical transportation or offer ride services to wheelchair-bound patients, it is vital to combine form with function when outfitting fleet vehicles with graphics.

    • Reflective graphics. We recommend the use of reflective treatments for the vinyl. Doing so ensures that motorists driving up behind you while you may be processing a rider will know that you are stopped and act accordingly. Selecting reflective graphics also succeeds in branding your business after dark.
    • High-contrast colors. When your vehicle has a white paint job, it makes sense to display a stark contrast color to catch the attention of drivers. Present your logo and business name with an eye-catching appearance in this manner. Moreover, the color combination helps you stand out from others on the road.
    • Lettering display locations. Even if you operate a non-emergency transport service, consider the importance of showing your automobile’s function on the upper third of the conveyance. The higher up you place the lettering, the more likely it is that other drivers see the information. This step is of particular importance when there is a good chance that you will be caught in traffic with other vehicles next to you.

Order Vehicle Graphics Today

Whether you need vehicle graphics for ambulances in Roswell, GA, or for any other type of transport business, we can help. Our visual artists work with you to outfit one automobile or an entire fleet with the right combination of graphics and lettering. We can put together a full or partial wrap as well if needed. Contact us today to get started on your project.

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