Watch our Lobby Sign Installation Videos on YouTube!
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September 19, 2016
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Watch our Lobby Sign Installation Videos on YouTube!

“You make it look so easy,” is one of the phrases we frequently hear from clients who watch Apex Signs & Graphics installers mount their lobby signs. Other customers comment on the look of dimensional letters when seeing them up close and not yet mounted to the wall. Everyone has a good expectation of what the products look like when they are in place, but few know what the design differences and installation procedures are. To give you a glimpse behind the scenes, we have posted a couple of lobby sign installation YouTube videos that show the process.

First Things First: Designing the Products

Before we can mount a lobby sign, we need to make it. And before we can do that, we have to design one. During the collaborative process between our graphic artists and clients, we learn what material to use, how tall to make the board or lettering, and how dramatic the look of the presentation should be. This, in turn, helps us select the best mounting hardware for the job.

Site Preparation and Dimensional Letter Installation: Measure Twice (always!)

On the actual day of the installation, we start by masking off the area to prevent any debris from dirtying your space. Then, it is time to get to work.

Measure the space – We have measured previously, but we like to do so again. This practice ensures that we place the pattern in the right spot on your wall. Even one inch too far to the right or left will make the sign look wrong in your space.

Use a level – Before we ever drill even one hole, we verify that the pattern is level. We do so by checking all the way across.
Drill holes – We have marked the correct locations for the holes on the pattern. When we are satisfied that it sits perfectly level, we drill through the pattern into the wall.
Add the studs – Next, up, we put the studs on the backs of the letters. Could we have done this at the shop? Yes, but if the fronts of other letters and the backs of studs rub against each other, you may have scratches. We prevent this problem by not assembling the product until we are ready to mount the sign components.
Glue and place – Now is the time to add glue, which holds the studs in place, and then put the letters into the right places.
Cleanup – Finally, we clean up the area, and you would not know that we were there. (Except that you now have a great lobby sign in place.)

Sign Panel Installation

As our lobby sign installation videos show, the mounting of a panel is very similar to that of a marker consisting of dimensional letters. The one major difference is the need for fewer holes. A typical installation may rely on standoffs to hold the sign in place securely.

We serve the business communities in and around Roswell, Alpharetta, Milton, Johns Creek, Metro Atlanta, and Sandy Springs. Contact us today to learn more about installations or to discuss your next lobby sign order.

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