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Wall Graphics Create an Engaging and Orderly Environment for Atlanta Pediatric Offices

The doctor or dentist’s offices can be frightening to young children. The hospital environment can intimidate adults as well, so waiting rooms that offer a soothing first impression, especially for children, go a long way toward effective treatment. Pediatric offices have recently begun to see the positive, treatment benefits of providing child-friendly office esthetics that offer sensitivity and present a non-threatening environment. For Atlanta pediatric offices, wall graphics from Apex Signs and Graphics can play a large part in creating a soothing and playful environment that easily incorporates with the needs for an easy cleaning as well as welcoming, child-friendly entryway. 

Creative Themes with Wall Graphics

wall graphics - wallmuralsgatecityWhen considering a creative theme for a pediatric office, designs that inspire creativity and capture children’s curiosity work best to distract them from the pending treatment. Consider bright colors and playful characters that instill a sense of charm and can help children focus on their surroundings rather than any impending fear they may feel. 

Choose wall graphics that are entertaining to various age groups and create an atmosphere where both children and parents to feel comfortable. Try adopting a theme that can not run throughout the whole office but, can possibly be implemented into your brand and logo. While yes, it may be an office treating sick children and requires a certain element of being easy to sanitize, that does not mean it can’t be fun. Use furniture, decor and toys that can help to pull together your theme with your wall graphics as the foundation yet, can still offer easy clean-ups.  A theme will encourage young children to interact and can lead to less apprehension when called to the back for their treatment. Some child-friendly office themes to consider are:

  • Cityscapes (for adolescent offices)
  • Fun Community Images
  • The Oceanwall graphics-pediatrician
  • Trains
  • The Zoo
  • Cars
  • The Forest
  • Small Town (think Sesame Street)
  • Music

Wall Graphics for Soothing

While bright colors and playful characters are a great part of welcoming many children some pediatric offices, such as those offering counseling services, may require more of a calmer atmosphere for waiting rooms. Wall graphics designs for these type surroundings can still play a significant part in making children feel comfortable. Choosing themes such as the ocean floor or the forest at night, can be coupled with calming paint colors, furnishings and soothing music to create a peaceful environment. wall graphics - 4-lobby-signs-blog-1

Apex Signs And Graphics For Your Pediatric Offices

Whether your need is for colorful wall graphics for your pediatric dentist office or a stand out lobby sign to welcome young patients in a happy way, Apex Signs and Graphics are experts finding the perfect design.  Apex Signs & Graphics will help you design and install unique wall graphics that will create an atmosphere of relaxation, comfort, and welcoming for your young patients. Ready to create the perfect ocean room or zoo waiting room? Contact Us or Call  (678) 795-0775 now!

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