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Using Commercial Signage to Grow Your Landscaping Business

Commercial Signage

Landscaping is truly an art that everyone can benefit from. On the other side of that, how can everyone benefit from your landscaping business if it doesn’t fully utilize commercial signage? Business signage is the best way to stay at the forefront of your customers’ minds. From giving your storefront a professional look to making your company’s fleet into mobile advertisements, your landscaping business could certainly use the fertilization that is business signage.

Commercial SignageCommercial Signage that puts You on the Hedge of Glory

If you’ve done all the marketing a company can do and are still struggling to get the word out there, commercial signage is your next step.

Exterior signs. Even if your business’ office is on a backroad, think about how many people pass by your location each and every day. A nondescript storefront does your business no good. Perhaps your storefront is clearly marked; does it reflect that your business knows what it’s doing? Professional looking signage plays a huge part in building credibility for your company. Have you ever visited a company’s website that screams ‘90s? That could give you the impression that the company that runs that website isn’t exactly on top of what they’re doing; the same goes for your signage. Professional signage reflects a professional business; sloppy or underwhelming signage reflects a sub-par business.

Interior signs. Once the exterior signs draw in customers, really wow those customers with interior signs. Your brand will become more and more recognizable the more often your customers are exposed to it. Interior signs can have your logo and communicate your company’s message, or they can expand your brand with signage that complies to your brand’s color scheme. Custom lobby signs, ADA signs, and more—interior signage is a great way to display your professionalism and increase the ubiquity of your brand.

Commercial SignageVehicle graphics. Advertising is an expensive investment. To run an ad on the radio or buy some airtime on TV could set your company back a bit. Even billboards are a bit pricey. Here’s the deal: Your landscaping business is already driving to every corner of the city; why not get some advertising out of that driving? Many eyes come across your vehicles while they’re out and about, so make sure those customers think of you next time they need some landscaping work by installing vehicle graphics. The one-time payment of a vehicle wrap is cheaper than any other type of advertising considering the exposure it’ll get.

Reach Your Apex with Commercial Signage

Apex Signs & Graphics is the area’s premier commercial signage company. Considering our years of experience, portfolio, and right tools for the job, you’ll have no worries in trusting us to help with your signage needs.

Give Apex Signs & Graphics a call today at 678-795-0775. To learn more about how commercial signage could help your business, connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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