Unique Ideas for Wall Graphics in Roswell GA
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October 26, 2016
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Unique Ideas for Wall Graphics in Roswell GA

Do your walls pull their collective weight when it comes to advertising your company or introducing your group? Do you know how to leverage the borders of an enclosed space with strong marketing and branding messages that appeal to a broad range of consumers? Does your targeted audience engage with your brand or setting simply because of your wall displays? If you cannot confidently answer these questions in an affirmative manner, it is time to consider some unique ideas for wall graphics in Roswell, GA.

Schools Empower, Inspire, and Motivate Learners with Classroom and Gym Graphics

From preschool to university, learners of all ages need encouragement to stay motivated. Choosing lettering to communicate famous sayings or quotes from history or science’s greats is a good idea in some settings. But for the learner who prefers visual cues, there are other options.

Encourage the home team with gym graphics – Feature a stripe with the school’s colors, the team’s name, and the mascot’s likeness. As a band around the length of the gym’s walls, it gives your athletes the true home court advantage. Add floor graphics for a maximum impact.
Themed images set the tone for learning – If the chemistry lab featured the life-sized likenesses of Bill Nye or Marie Curie, could it make a difference in the lives of your students? Inspire girls to take an active role in science by providing visual representations of female scientists. Most students know about the Science Guy; it makes sense to put his likeness on your lab’s wall.
Enhance learning outcomes in classrooms – Turn a blank wall into a word wall. This is an excellent way of introducing young learners to letter blends and sounds. Emerging readers will appreciate the display of grade-appropriate terms.

Churches Welcome Members and Guests with Murals

When you want to introduce first-time guests to your congregation with a quick overview of your beliefs, spell them out against the backdrop of an inspiring image. This type of mural looks fantastic in a foyer. Combine murals and smaller graphics for the rooms you allocate to the children’s ministry. Age-appropriate displays of Bible scenes transform classrooms in this setting into marketplaces, meadows, and mountainous regions.

If you are short on windows but would like to give the illusion of having them, consider the design of stained glass windows images that we print, cut out, and professionally install for a display that looks almost like the real thing. Add some window treatments or flower boxes, and the illusion is complete. Combine these types of wall displays with fabric banners that feature the symbols of your faith or congregation.

Exterior Wall Wraps Advertise a Company and Present its Brand Message

When thinking about unique ideas for wall graphics in Roswell, GA, step outside your building. Unless your façade features a strong brand message or advertising campaign, you might be missing out. Let our experts work with you to create a wall wrap that presents your corporate colors, shows off your signature product, and features displays of the company’s name and logo at every corner. Add a perforated vinyl window wrap to get the glass panes in on the action. Creating positive brand engagement has never been easier.

Call us today to learn more about the many kinds of wall graphics that could make a significant difference in the way you present your business or organization to the public.

Ordering Exterior Signs for Churches in Alpharetta, GA

The professionals at Apex Signs & Graphics routinely work with members of the local faith communities to create the types of signs that catch the eye, communicate upcoming events, and increase foot traffic at fundraisers and outreach events. Contact us today to schedule a design consultation and find out how one of these products would look on your property.

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