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Tips on Caring for Your Vehicle Wraps in Alpharetta GA

Do you remember how much work went into the design of your customized vehicle wrap? Now that we manufactured the product and installed it, it is your turn to care for it. In fact, caring for your vehicle wraps in Alpharetta, GA, will help keep them looking like new for longer. As we mentioned during our consultation, a typical wrap that encounters standard daily wear conditions will last for five to seven years. But if you fail to protect the product, it may not make it that long.

Wrapped Vehicles Have Enemies

Well, perhaps the term “enemy” is too strong; then again, it adequately describes what pollutants and detritus can do to the imprinted vinyl on the vehicle’s surface. Bird droppings, bug guts, and particulates from the atmosphere contain chemicals that react with the plastic. Gradually, they dull the appearance of the graphics, add a patina over the once vibrant image presentation, and may even lead to material failure if the chemicals are sufficiently acidic to eat through the vinyl.

Cleaning a Wrapped Vehicle is not Difficult

Are you afraid to wash the car, truck, or van because you worry that you might damage the wrapped product? When you go about the task the right way, there is no problem. You may remember that our technician warned you against going through a car wash that uses brushes or training a pressure washer on the vehicle. Instead, grab a bucket of water, a large soft sponge, and a mild car wash soap that is free of solvents. Alcohol is an example of an ingredient that you should not put on the wrap. A run of the mill garden hose without a high-pressure nozzle handles the rinsing. Add your elbow grease but go easy on the scrubbing. Finally, let the vehicle air dry.

Beware of Abrasive Cleaners!

It is tempting to try to attack stuck-on detritus with your fingernail or an abrasive sponge. Do not do it! You will ruin your graphics and create minute scratches that now fill in even faster with dirt. Soaking the offending spots with lukewarm water is a better solution. Sure, it takes a little longer. But in the end, it works well without jeopardizing the vinyl film.

A Word on Wax

Waxing your vehicle wrap can be a good thing unless the product contains any petroleum derivatives. Read the label carefully! Petroleum products and vinyl do not mix. By the way, if you have opted for a matte wrap, using wax is also not such a good idea. After all, you liked the look of the setup, and the shiny nature of a finished wax does not harmonize well. Also, avoid the tools car aficionados commonly use when applying car wax. Electrical buffers work nicely for your daily driver, but they can lift corners of the film on the wrapped company car. The same goes for over-enthusiastic rubbing with a cloth. Go easy during the process.

Do You Have Additional Questions about Caring for Your Vehicle Wraps in Alpharetta, GA?

Our technicians are just a quick call or email away. We are always glad to answer your questions or help you find solutions to any cleaning problems that spring up during the ownership of your wrapped vehicle. Call us today!

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