Tin Roof Kitchen in Alpharetta Shines with Restaurant Sandblasted Signs
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March 24, 2015
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Tin Roof Kitchen in Alpharetta Shines with Restaurant Sandblasted Signs

Sandblasted signs for Alpharetta, GA, businesses are a great way to underscore a rustic atmosphere. Suitable for the cottage-style eatery or the hip retail outlet with the nostalgic exterior, they communicate an understated elegance that goes well with whimsically painted trim and plenty of glass panes. A great example is the Tin Roof Kitchen.

Located a 52B North Street, the restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner with a gluten-free twist. When they were shopping for restaurant signs in Alpharetta, GA, the restaurant’s management team contacted Apex Signs & Graphics for some help. We visited the locale and talked with the owner about the vision for just the right kind of marker that would stand out but concurrently harmonize with the building’s atmosphere.

After some sketching, we manufactured a building and a hanging canopy sign. Both markers are oval and display the stylized tin roof with the whimsical script right underneath the graphic. Manufacturing these signs takes a bit of extra work, but the finished result is well worth the effort.

  • Choosing the shape. We usually start with a sign blank. The customer chooses the shape that most attractively highlights a company’s mission or nature. For the Tin Roof Kitchen, it was an oval. Of course, you could just as easily select a rectangle, circle or anything else that strikes your fancy.
  • Select the material.Even here, there are options. We can manufacture your sandblasted sign from lumber that is treated to prevent warping or from high density urethane foam, which performs beautifully in all weather conditions.
  • Stenciling.Next, we create a stencil that allows your marker to take on a recognizable message. This stencil covers the areas of the sign where you want your company’s name and logo to go.
  • Sandblasting.Wherever there is no stenciling, the sand blasts grate away the surface material of the sign. When finished, the name and logo are noticeably raised above the sign surface.
  • Priming and painting.Lastly, we apply a primer coat and then the finishing paint to the sign. A clear coat protects the paint against chipping and fading.

Granted, the whole sandblasting process is a bit more involved than we describe here. There is the hand sanding of rough edges, the multiple applications of primer and paint to get the colors just right and the finishing touches that turn a sandblasted sign into a business marker that you can be proud to display. Customers like the fact that their signs are custom-made with plenty of hands-on attention rather than just machine operations.

Consumers who are seeing your sandblasted Alpharetta sign are certain to pick up on the careful crafting that you have chosen for your name display. It is not lost on them that you take your reputation seriously. When combined with the care you take to make the signage suit your building’s exterior, you have communicated a standard of excellence that the consumer considers a promise.

It is amazing how much you can communicate with just a sandblasted signs! Are you ready to start your very own communication with your customers? Call us!

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