Suite and Department Signs in Alpharetta GA: Don’t Forget These Rooms!
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Suite and Department Signs in Alpharetta GA: Don’t Forget These Rooms!

Most every business manager remembers ADA-compliant suite signs, parking lot markers, and LED “Open” signage solutions for the company’s windows. But there are some suite and department signs in Alpharetta, GA, which plenty of folks in charge of outfitting a corporate location with signage products simply do not think of. How does your venue stack up?

Laboratory Signage Issues Wayfinding Instructions and Warnings

Possible messages include “Laboratory Personnel Only,” “Lab,” “Safety Equipment Required,” or “No Food or Drinks Beyond This Point.” The sign you would place at the entryway needs to meet the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for wayfinding purposes. Warning signs should feature stark color contrasts such as black lettering on yellow or orange backgrounds. Standardized bio-hazard signage displays are another option.

Restroom Signs Allow for Creative Displays of Wayfinding Information

Please note that the restroom sign needs to meet the standards of the ADA as well. This caveat refers to the symbol use as well as the lettering, color contrast, and presence of Braille II dots. That said, you could still have some branding opportunities with images when using overhead-mounted blade signs, too. Incorporate your company’s overall vibe with creative, fun, or sophisticated presentations.

Coat and Waiting Rooms Need Signs, Too!

The coat check desk may sound like a relic of a bygone era, but there are still plenty of theaters, opera houses, and upscale restaurants that operate a coat room. We recommend complying with ADA standards to label the place while allowing a more fanciful sign to hang above the open door. Doing so lets you integrate your brand message along with corporate colors.

Waiting rooms, too, frequently go without labels. This problem applies in particular when you have more than one waiting area. For example, a pediatrician with separate sick and well-child waiting rooms needs to mark the entrances to both, which prevents potential sick children from infecting healthy ones. Clarity is crucial. Our experts suggest high-contrast colors and oversized boards for the lettering display. This approach avoids caregiver error.

Label Administrative Offices Open to the Public

Schools, hospitals, libraries, and government agencies typically have business offices where customers can walk in to settle bills, fill out forms, ask questions, and get information. Unfortunately, these departments do not always receive identifying signage. Typically, this is the case because business managers in charge of outfitting the location with markers figure that an arrow suffices.

However, when the office moves, this lack of signage does not get a fix. Rather than contributing to the frustration of clients, provide a sign product that spells out the office’s name, its hours of operation, contact information for after-hour questions, and a website address. This approach shows that you take customer service seriously and want to connect with those who visit you in person.

Of course, there are still plenty of additional (and sometimes unusual) needs for suite and department signs in Alpharetta, GA. Contact our graphic artists to discuss how best to present the room labels, comply with the ADA, and incorporate your brand message at the same time.

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