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Signs for Churches Offer Information and Inspiration

signs for churches

Church signs can do a lot for your congregation. Aside from reaching your existing members and informing them of any upcoming events, these signs can also help communicate God’s word more effectively and bring in more new members. Aren’t these reasons enough to convince you how effective these signs for churches are in creating a positive impact in your community?  

Church signs work tirelessly in driving people to your door. According to a study conducted by the National Evangelistic Association, church signs are responsible for attracting approximately 10% of the new members of any given congregation each year. This is not surprising since aside from your building, your primary signs are the first thing people see when they pass by your church.signs for churches

Signs for Churches: 5 Tips to Help Attract More Newcomers

  • Make it easy to read. Use attractive yet easy-to-read fonts for your church signs. Avoid using fancy or small fonts, and do not use too many words so passersby can take it in more quickly. Consider lighting it at night to further increase its visibility and effectiveness.
  • Consider its size. Church signs should be big enough so they can be seen from a distance but not big enough to overwhelm people who are looking at it. For best results, keep it proportional to your church building.
  • Make sure it fits. Your sign should complement the design of your building, not clash with your overall aesthetics.
  • Provide information. What do you want people to know about your church? Whether it be your basic identification, time of service, special events, bible verses or some witty church sayings, exterior signs for churches work great in getting your message across.
  • Decide where you want to put it. To make sure your signs are seen, place them close to the road, preferably facing the direction of the heaviest traffic. Consider trimming or relocating any trees or shrubbery that interfere with the line of visibility.   signs for churches

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