Sell Your Brand Message with Effective Signage in Alpharetta GA
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December 28, 2016
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Sell Your Brand Message with Effective Signage in Alpharetta GA

You have a great product. You know that your website underwent optimization for mobile use and that your social media strategy is good to go. So, why are customers not beating on your doors at opening time? Well, do you know how to sell your brand message with effective signage in Alpharetta, GA?

Understanding the Difference between Brand and Product Marketing

Product marketing is the use of signs that feature “buy me” messages. These markers highlight the advantages of the merchandise, its features, and its color options. They may include branding information in the form of a corporate color palette or logo, but they focus primarily on selling the item. In contrast, brand marketing refers to the art and science of advertising a company’s way of doing business. It sells a corporate philosophy.

Why Should You Sell a Brand?

Although the product’s sale puts money into the till, consider that shoppers do not seek out your business until you create brand buy-in. The customer wants to feel good about buying from you. You can elicit this emotion by showing that you and the buyer share a set of values. Examples might include eco-friendly production methods, a concern for animal welfare, a strong appeal to caring for the consumer as an individual or part of a family, and the ability to build credibility via consistency of corporate attitudes and actions.

Brand Advertising Dos and Don’ts

Simplify the message – Encapsulate your brand into a set of colors, symbols, and phrases. When you go beyond this metric and include overly technical or ambitious ads, the message gets lost.

Stick with a strategy – One of the biggest mistakes contemporary entrepreneurs make is the brevity of their advertising strategy. Rather than formulating a course of action and then developing it in pre-planned phases, some business owners do not like the results they initially get and scrap the project only to create an ad campaign that is almost the opposite of the last one. Thinking through your advertising signage by talking it out with professionals at a full-service sign shop helps you stay away from this problem.

Answer the questions a consumer has not asked – Being proactive with signage is a great branding tool. Rather than waiting for a customer to call in and ask about your business’ hours, post them on your doors with vinyl lettering. Instead of waiting for the shopper in the store to ask about pairing your green widgets with yellow ones, put up point of purchase (POP) signs that offer product-pairing suggestions.

How to Sell Your Brand Message with Effective Signage in Alpharetta, GA

Contact our brand specialists to talk through your signage options. Our clients have had excellent success with the use of window graphics, retractable banner stands, vehicle wraps and graphics treatments, wall graphics, window posters, and A-frame signs. Combine these products with menu boards (for service providers) or end-cap signage (for retailers). We help you focus on your brand message and incorporate it with your product advertising.

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