Play It Again Sports Shines with Channel Letter Sign in Roswell GA
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March 24, 2015
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March 24, 2015
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Play It Again Sports Shines with Channel Letter Sign in Roswell GA

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With a slogan that identifies the retailer as the “neatest, coolest, whizzbang sports store on the planet,” you know that Play It Again Sports has to be great for athletes of all skill levels and ages! Located at 993 Mansell Road in Roswell, the store specializes in brand new, slightly used as well as closeout equipment that offer the buyer some amazing deals. There are golf clubs, fencing gear, rowing equipment, gym items and plenty of bikes.

When it came time to discuss exterior building signs, Roswell, GA, business owners like Play It Again Sports know to contact Apex Signs & Graphics. We did a site survey, looked at the company’s preferred logo and typeface setup, and then we got to work on the creation of a channel letter sign that clearly identifies the location and beautifully brands the venue. The typeface and color scheme is in keeping with the company’s preferred signage for all of its locations.

There is no doubt that Play It Again Sports chose wisely when selecting channel letter signs. Roswell, GA, businesses prefer this type of marker because of the adaptability that the technology affords them. If you are thinking of adding channel lettering to your building’s facade, the advantages are easy to recognize.

  • Standard signage option. Your business lease frequently limits the types of building markers that you may choose. Channel letters are a standard signage option that most commercial leases approve. If you want to avoid lengthy negotiations with a management company or building owner, this is the sign to choose.
  • Versatile. Do you want tall letters or short ones? Do you want a large logo or a smaller one? Do you prefer your letters to be close together or do you want to spread them across the width of the building’s facade? There is no shortage of options when you start discussing the addition of this marker.
  • Attractive. The housing material itself is fashioned from sturdy aluminum that does not rust or shift. Acrylic panels are a favorite material choice for front or back panels. They are available in a rainbow of colors. When you have an intricate business logo that you are trying to match, we can do so easily.
  • Lit or unlit. You have the option of buying lettering that is lit from within. LED lights are long lasting and inexpensive to operate. Standard signs allow the light to escape through the front. This illuminates the sign at night and makes it easy to read even from a fair distance away. Halo-lit signage has a dark front but allows the illumination to escape toward the building. It gently haloes the letters and makes them look very attractive. Open-face lettering lets pedestrians and motorists look inside the letters and see neon light bulbs. This industrial look also benefits avant-garde establishments.

With so many options open to you, should you not discuss all of your choices with experts in the field? Invite us to come out for a site evaluation, and we can offer you suggestions for an effective marker that draws attention.

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