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Look At Us! Outdoor Building Signs That Capture Street Traffic

Channel Letter Signs in Atlanta

Your Business Needs Outdoor Building Signs

It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, you need outside advertising to capture attention. Outdoor building signs are one of the best ways to gain customers from foot traffic in your area. However, putting your company name up on the building is not quite enough, the design, quality and placement of your sign matters just as much as simply having one. At Apex Signs & Graphics we know the design elements that make effective outdoor building signs and what you should consider before choosing your company’s outdoor signage.   

How to Create Effective Outdoor Building Signs

outdoor building signs-pbuilding sign_titleOutdoor building signs need to accomplish a number of things for your business. Besides identifying your business location, your outdoor building sign needs to attract new customers who are just passing by. Your sign should strengthen your brand identity so that it acts as a 24/7 advertising tool for your company. The key is knowing what makes outdoor building signs communicate your messaging effectively.

  • Colors – When choosing sign colors try to stay with one to three colors that are cohesive with your brand; think  Coca-Cola, Home Depot or Starbucks. More than this and your sign can be become a distraction and hard to read. You should consider the buildings overall esthetic and try to design your sign as a complement to the building’s design but, still make sure it garners attention.
  • Typography – The lettering you use should be easy to read at a glance. If the sign typography (lettering font style, size, etc. ) is too complex, people passing by won’t be able to read it; however, if it’s too bland, people won’t notice it.
  • Placement – You’ll want to place the sign on your building where it will be the most visible to nearby traffic. Be observant of obstructions such as utility poles, landscaping and fencing that could make your sign hard to read. You also want to make sure your signage does not obstruct traffic views as well.
  • Material – Depending on your company’s location and building structure, Acrylic Dimensional or Custom Sandblasted Signs  may be the best option for your outdoor business signage. For retail businesses with a nighttime presence Custom Channel Letters and Light Box may be a better option. What works best depends on numerous factors but the good thing about outdoor building signs is that there is a large variety of sign materials to choose from including:outdoor building signs- Sandblasted Sign
          • Aluminum Composite Material Panels with Digital Print Graphics
          • Front Lit Channel Letters
          • Reverse Lit Channel Letters
          • Light Boxes
          • Sandblasted High Density Urethane Panels
          • CNC Routed High Density Urethane Panels
          • CNC Cut Acrylic Dimensional Letters
          • Internally Lit Formed Face Panels
          • Molded Plastic Letters and Logos
          • CNC Cut Metal Dimensional Letters
          • Electronic Message Boards

A special note when considering your business signage, most counties have specific ordinances that govern size and placement of outdoor building signs. In addition, many business parks and property management companies also have rules pertaining to an outdoor business sign. If you are leasing your building or office space, you will want to verify any stipulations for signage with the owners early in the sign design process-before choosing your signage.

outdoor building signs-best-sign-blog-2ApexSigns & Graphics For Your Outdoor Building Signs

Apex Signs & Graphics has built a reputation as the Atlanta leader for outdoor building signs. Our expert sign specialists can work with your business to design, fabricate and install outdoor building signs using unique lettering, graphics, logos and materials. We will help ensure that your outdoor building signage properly reflects your company’s unique branding and meets all of your signage needs. In addition, our team of experts can work with you to confirm that your signage meets any county ordinances or property management regulations that may be a consideration. If you need exterior building signs, then you should invest in the very best outdoor building signs that you can get in the Metro-Atlanta area by contacting Apex Signs & Graphics today call (678) 795-0775.

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