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Make Sure Your Building Signs Aren’t Getting Lost

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Are Your Building Signs Hiding From Your Customers?

Now is the time to have your signs looking the very best. The warmer weather means more people are outside and leisurely driving around town.  You could be losing customers or failing to make an impression because your building signs don’t stand out.

Make sure that all electronic signs are lit in the evenings and don’t have any burned-out bulbs, there is no damage to the lettering of your signs; that it is visible beyond any blooming trees and shrubbery. The purpose of a building sign is to help customers find you and get prospects to notice you. Half of all customers choose a businesbuilding signs_lit ups because of their signage, so it’s important to make that impression a good one. To make sure your signage is making a major statement:

Design with a Purpose

Decide what you want your sign to do. This will determine whether your current building sign is working or you require a new one. Do you want the purpose to be advertising your brand or simply attracting new customers…or both? Each of these goals would require a different kind of design. Also make sure your sign matches your branding. It should leave no question in a customer’s mind what your business is and what they should expect when they walk through your door. If you haven’t already, define your brand image. Design with that idea in mind and make sure your building sign matches other visual aspects of your brand. Major differences in style or color could leave customers confused. 

Stay Visiblebuilding signs_pias

Take into consideration the size and positioning of your building sign. Can it be seen from the road? Is the lettering large enough? If you want to make a change to your current sign remember to reference your zoning agreement; this governs what type of signage your can have (size, lighting, colors, etc.). Staying visible will help people find you more easily. Customers can become frustrated driving down a road looking for your business and missing a turn because they didn’t see your building sign. Your signs also need to look their best all day. It does your business no good if the building sign looks beautiful at night but is hardly noticeable during the day. Finally, be aware of your surroundings when choosing coloring and lettering – make sure your design doesn’t blend with the skyline, foliage or surrounding buildings.

Get Creative

Most of the time a business has to get creative to stand out and make a lasting impression. Building signs should do more than just show you the front door. Take a look at Hard Rock Café; their building sign is so noticeable it has become part of their branding. Your signage has the power to attract new customers so it is important to incorporate what your business does into your sign style. Keep your building sign visually interesting by choosing the right size, font, color, contrast and shape. The more unique the design is the more likely you are to make an impression.

Stay Simplebuilding sign_title

One of the biggest building sign mistakes in making it too busy. Keep the design simple, direct and to the point. It is easier on the eyes and easier to recall for customers. The goal is to attract attention, not tell a story so keep the words to a minimum and make sure the font is easy to read. Remember most people will be viewing this from a moving vehicle. Colors and tones should be vibrant but not clash with your surroundings. Neon lights and bright colors don’t fit in just anywhere.

Apex Makes Your Messaging Count

Apex Signs & Graphics knows how to make your sign and your business stand out. Whether it is your storefront signage, lobby sign, building sign or indoor signs, our design team can give your messaging the boost it needs. We have a combined 35 years of experience in knowing great sign design along with placement, messaging and vehicle wraps to make your brand stand out from the crowd. Contact us today at (678) 795-0775 or visit us online to request a quote.

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