Lucena Quantitative Analytics Brands with Custom Lobby Sign in Atlanta
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October 19, 2016
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Lucena Quantitative Analytics Brands with Custom Lobby Sign in Atlanta

Clients find Lucena Quantitative Analytics in Suite 410 at 10 10th Street NW. In the business of providing its customers with investment opportunities that combine scientific methods with predictive analytics, this company provides relevant tools for wealth advisors, active traders, and resellers. When the firm’s management team contacted the pros at Apex Signs & Graphics to discuss the creation of custom lobby signs in Atlanta, GA, we met for a consultation.

After discussing the sizing of the marker as well as the ideal display appearance, we started the design with a frosted acrylic panel. We applied routed dimensional letters to this board, which spell out “Lucena Research” and “Predictive Analytics” in charcoal. The logo displays in its iconic lime green and white to the left of the text. Our installers used standoffs to mount the lobby sign to the wall. It imbues the space with a professional look and fits in perfectly with the overall atmosphere of the setting.

How to Choose the Right Lobby Sign Style

As a general rule of thumb, clients choose between dimensional letters and logo boards. If you have a large wall space to work with, we usually recommend dimensional lettering. This product solution allows size and space manipulation, which makes it possible for the components to become the wall’s focal point while harmonizing perfectly with the room’s proportions. If the area is limited, particularly the width of the wall space, it makes sense to opt for a board, which contains the style elements of the marker in a well-balanced display. Choose this setup also when you devote half the wall to the receptionist’s desk and the other half to a seating area, shelves, or similar change in function.

Going Beyond the Standard Signage Solution

What happens when you want a lobby sign that is different from what other companies present on their walls? In fact, you have options!

  • Channel letters. One of the latest trends is the imitation of the building sign’s look right down to its actual construction. When you have selected channel letters, we can provide you with a scaled down version for the lobby. Doing so continues the marketing communication you opened on the exterior and transfers it seamlessly inside.
  • Lit panels. Another fantastic option is the customized board with built-in lights; we usually prefer to use metal or acrylic, which features LEDs. Envision your company’s name displayed with push-through acrylic letters that light up from inside the metal cabinet. Another option is the installation of LEDs around the edges of the sign.
  • Ceiling mounted panels. Some clients have begun placing decorative fountains and wall displays inside their lobbies. Signage panels hang suspended from airplane cables where they become part of the artistic creation.

If you are unsure about how to choose from the many available custom lobby signs in Atlanta, GA, just contact our experts for assistance. We meet with you to discuss your brand message, the setup of your lobby, material and color preferences, as well as any other customization options that might appeal to you. When you contact us today, we can schedule a consultation right away!

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