Lobby Acrylic Signs in Roswell GA Great for All Types of Businesses!
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December 21, 2016
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December 28, 2016
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Lobby Acrylic Signs in Roswell GA Great for All Types of Businesses!

The lobby sign is the focal point of your foyer. It greets clients and sets the tone for the interactions customers have with the companies they visit. Depending on its overall fit into the setting, it either makes an excellent first impression or does not create a great feeling at all. In some cases, it could even turn off a client’s plan of doing business with you. Do not let this happen! With the right acrylic signs in Roswell, GA, you not only make an excellent impression but also reinforce your brand message. What are your options?

Choose Dimensional Letter Displays for the Reception Area

Do you have a lot of wall space to work with? Would you like to spread out the display? We recommend dimensional letters. Our technicians can cut the acrylic to present with your specific font. Next, we paint the material in keeping with your corporate color palette. If you use multiple colors to show off the logo and lettering for your business, we perfectly match the tones to ensure consistency with your already existing signage.

Doing so presents the company’s brand message in the area where investors, clients, and customers must first visit to keep their appointments with members of the staff. Reinforcing the branding in this way is advantageous because it supports the formation of product knowledge and name recognition. Opt for a stud mount installation that places each letter flush to the wall. We can also use standoffs that give the letters the appearance of floating just above the substrate.

Panels Combine Pizzazz with Space-saving Presentations

For business owners who have less wall space to devote to a lobby sign display, we usually suggest the installation of a panel. Our clients have had excellent results with the use of transparent acrylic boards that we imprint with their corporate logo and name. Some prefer that we paint the board to include more examples of the company’s color choice. We help them decide on the right hue so that the lettering contrasts well on the board.

Combining dimensional letters with logo boards is possible. For example, we can mount acrylic letters to a board that we painted or treated with a frosted vinyl overlay. If you would like to combine different material selections, this setup is ideal for the introduction of metal letters or logo style elements that mix well with the acrylic displays. Mounting takes places with standoffs that let the panel “float” just a bit above the wall.

How to Buy Acrylic Signs in Roswell, GA

Contact the lobby signage experts at Apex Signs & Graphics to learn more about your options. We work with you to develop a look that sums up perfectly what your brand is all about. Our technicians assist you with the decision where and how to display the product for maximum effect. If you are unsure how to blend the new look with already existing signs, we can help you with that, too. Call us today to schedule a consultation and find out more!

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