Is It Time for New Storefront Signs?
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March 24, 2015
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Is It Time for New Storefront Signs?

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Have you taken a critical look at your storefront signs and found them lacking in color, vibrancy or pizzazz? You already know that your Atlanta storefront signs are competing for plenty of eyeballs. The Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act has made the city a hotspot for film production and a bevy of retail, entertainment and services industries are supported by the actors, producers and crews taking advantage of this Act. Tourism is another big reason why your signage must compete with competitor Fulton County storefront signs as well.

Now that you know the importance of eye-grabbing and noticeable signage, what are your options? At Apex Signs & Graphics, we recommend some must-have marketing products that are designed to show off your retail location in its best light.

Cabinet Signs

Whether you pick a custom cabinet sign in the shape of your logo or a standard-shaped pan face version with changeable letter boards, these signs let you draft messages that are quick and easy to change. If you run frequent specials or want to adapt your exterior advertising to be in line with scheduled parades, festivities or city events, these are excellent signage options.

Custom Sandblasted Signs

Pick up on your neighborhood’s upscale nature, highlight its Bohemian chic or appeal to your target demographic’s appreciation of formal signage. These signs are perfect to hang out as whimsical shingles over a store door or attach to the exterior of the building in a way that the color and typeface complement the look of the facade. If you are thinking of adding a monument sign to alert motorists to the entrance of your parking lot, sandblasted signs are perfect, durable and highly visible from the road.

LED Channel Letters

If you have thus far relied on standard channel letters to get your business noticed, you are missing out on the after-dark foot traffic. Unlit letters do not stand out at night or even during inclement weather. In contrast, illuminated channel letters are perfect for demanding attention even on a gray day. Choose lighting options that offer a halo effect to make your typeface stand out. One of the very cost-effective choices consists of open-face lit channel letters that use neon lights with acrylic coverings for the sign.

Custom-Molded Logos

Customization is the key to successful branding. If you have a quirky logo, only frequent repetition will make it quickly come to the mind of customers in search of your products or services. For your new storefront signs, consider capitalizing on the effort that went into the selection of the logo. Highlight it by having a custom-molded version attached to your building.

By the way, do not neglect to add point of purchase signs to your already present exterior Atlanta storefront signs. A-frames, banners and flags are perfect temporary additions to your permanent signs on the outside of the building. Supplement your signage with these eye-catching options whenever you run specials or intend to decorate for the holidays or other special occasions. Depending on the nature of your retail business, you may also rely on these temporary signage options when a long-awaited product arrives, when you foresee a stock reduction or when you bring in seasonal merchandise that is a big hit each year.

At Apex Signs & Graphics, we recognize that you cannot afford to leave your Fulton County storefront signs to chance. Our expert graphic artists and technicians are standing by to discuss your signage needs with you. We want to learn as much about your retail business as possible. When we fully understand your target audience and your current signage, we have a great reference point to make suggestions for new signs or offer input on small tweaks here and there.

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