Have You Considered Window Graphics and Frosting in Alpharetta GA?
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November 29, 2016
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December 6, 2016
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Have You Considered Window Graphics and Frosting in Alpharetta GA?

Your storefront or office windows are superior advertising surfaces. Turn them into brand message centers, seasonal product features, or informative displays that encourage the consumer to step closer. Achieving this feat is easy with window graphics and frosting in Alpharetta, GA. What do you need to know about these signage solutions today?

Window Frosting is not for Total Pane Displays Anymore

There used to be a time when calling a sign shop for a frosted window panel would – quite literally – mean that the entire glass surface would feature the material that allows sunlight to pass through but keeps prying eyes at bay. But clever marketers have come to realize that shaping the material into seasonal graphics can be a great advertising tool.

Picture rolling hills featuring frosted material that mimics snow; then there is the choice of presenting snowflakes in this manner. If you still want the whole panel setup, why not have shapes etched out of the frosted vinyl? It allows shoppers to peek into your window displays, which significantly heightens interest in your products. By the way, frosted vinyl does not have to be white or off-white with a gray tint. We can print in color on these sheets, which opens the door to a completely new way of advertising.

Graphics Alert Shoppers to Great Offers

When you display your special offers or sales information with vibrant colors, prospective customers cannot help but pay attention. When the graphics say “Sale” or “Closeout,” you are sure to attract plenty of shoppers. Choose temporary graphics for a Black Friday sale or opt for semi-permanent products, which help to highlight the financial products an institution offers. If you make frequent changes to the window graphics on your glass panes, we recommend altering the color display considerably. Doing so ensures that consumers realize updates are taking place.

Should You Add Vinyl Lettering to Window Graphics?

There are two schools of thought.

  • Include lettering in the graphics. Also known as spot graphics, these products may be frosted or opaque. They show an image as a background. The lettering is usually in the foreground or toward the bottom of the picture. In so doing, you keep your window surfaces uncluttered and make a change of your messages a snap.
  • Keep lettering and graphics separate. If you feature generic sales messages that could pertain to a broad range of occasions, seasons, or products, we recommend putting lettering directly on your glass surfaces. By switching out colorful graphics every so often, you prevent your messages from becoming static and boring.

Ordering Window Graphics and Frosting in Alpharetta, GA

If you are not sure which product is right for your needs, just contact our graphic artists. We work with you to decide on the size, shape, color selection and frosted versus opaque displays. When you are thinking of adding lettering to the mix, we can show you proofs of what your images could look like with the messages printed directly on them or not. Call us today to get started!

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