GoWireless Uses Full Vinyl Window Cling to Direct in Roswell GA
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March 24, 2015
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GoWireless Uses Full Vinyl Window Cling to Direct in Roswell GA

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What do you do when the back of your storefront is not adequately marketing, branding or bringing in the customers? The answer is simple: take a page from the playbook of GoWireless, a Verizon Wireless premium retailer. Located at 1570 Holcomb Bridge Road, the new store needed signage that would add a wow factor to the back of its property. Full windows could not properly be utilized for product displays or marketing. This is when the company’s management team contacted Apex Signs & Graphics for assistance.

Going for the Gusto with Signage

We met with the management team and conducted a site evaluation. We listened intently to the company’s marketing goals. It quickly became clear that we needed to design and manufacture oversized vinyl window cling. For retail stores in Roswell, GA, this signage solution allows for the cover-up of glass panes that do not add to the visual pull of a business. Cases in point are windows that open up into a storeroom, an area that is under construction or the back of a store where there is little merchandising aimed at passersby.

For GoWireless, we created whole-pane control tac vinyl that we then installed. The glass is now fully covered with the iconic red brand color of Verizon, which effectively co-brands the location with GoWireless. It identifies the business as a premier retail outlet that offers this brand to consumers. In addition, the combination of the red color with the black of the window frames creates an eye-catching and dramatic display that increases interest in the location and makes wayfinding for consumers a snap.

Turning Windows into Marketing Messages

GoWireless went for the gusto. They did not just commission a few window graphics to enhance name recognition or brand awareness, but they went for an impressive full-window display that cannot help but turn heads. When this is something that you are thinking of doing as well, our technicians can help.

  • Construct the marketing message. Are you thinking of adding the window graphics for a seasonal event, to obstruct the line of sight into a part of your storefront or to celebrate the arrival of a new product line or service? We work with you on putting together the tenor of your marketing message.
  • Graphics selection. In some cases, all you need is the brand color and logo. In other situations, the combination of niche-specific graphics and seasonal imagery helps to get across the right message. Our technicians offer you the opportunity to use graphics that you already have or select from our stock graphics that are sure to meet your needs.
  • Putting together the look. Vertical or horizontal, whole-pane or partial-pane; we put together sketches that show you what your windows could look like – before you make your decision. We help you to envision the look and feel of your façade – or back window wall – and let you see it through the eyes of the consumer. When you are satisfied with the look, we go ahead with the manufacture of the product.

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