Fitness Center Brands Using Dimensional Letter Logo Lobby Signs in Alpharetta GA
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Fitness Center Brands Using Dimensional Letter Logo Lobby Signs in Alpharetta GA

Premier Fitness Source is a customer-oriented business that specializes in the sale of innovative fitness equipment to residential or commercial customers. Whether you are setting up your home gym, starting out on the path to fitness with a first machine, or need to put together the main workout stations of a commercial gym, this company is ready to help.

Located at 800 North Main Street in Suite 120, Premier Fitness Source focuses on top-of-the-line elliptical machines, treadmills, and a variety of other devices. To outfit its office with the right markers, the company’s management team contacted our experts to discuss the purchase of dimensional letter logo lobby signs in Alpharetta, GA. After visiting the client and discussing colors, letter sizes, and materials, we designed two separate products.

The first marker is a lobby sign while the second one identifies the sales department. Our technicians used PVC for the manufacture of the dimensional letters. Both feature the white on orange logo on the left. While the lobby marker identifies the company’s name in black and orange letters, the second sign spells out the terms “Fitness” and “Equipment Sales.” Our installers used stud mounts to place the letters flush to the wall, which gives the presentation a sophisticated and stylish appearance.

Of course, the friendly folks at Premier Fitness Source are not the only ones that like dimensional letters for their lobby and department signage. When consulting with our clients, we usually hear plenty of reasons why they narrow down their selections to this type of display versus the logo board idea.

Wall space – The more room you have on your wall, the larger an area you have to cover. Placing a small, condensed-looking sign on a wide wall area creates an imbalanced room appearance. Dimensional letters make it possible to go tall and wide, particularly with generous spaces left between the individual letters and logo style elements.

Materials – Imagine the display of a large sign that features metal or brass. It leaves a distinct impression. Sure, we can create the look with inexpensive sign foam, a clever paint job, and thin metal laminates, but your client does not know that. Looking like a million bucks is easy with a dimensional letter setup.

Mixing materials – Some of our customers have received excellent feedback about signs that feature metal letters and acrylic logo style elements. Others combine the letters with vinyl wall graphics or entire wall wraps. There are plenty of product combinations to choose from.

Ordering your dimensional letter logo lobby signs in Alpharetta, GA, is easy. Contact our visual artists to discuss your idea for the signage. Whether you need to outfit a fitness product supply company, a law firm, or a dentist’s office, our experts have plenty of experience in a wide variety of fields. We help you decide on the material that is right for your company and its budget; we also assist with the selection of the size, the colors, and any decorative touches you would like to incorporate. Call us today to get started on the process!

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