Exterior Signs in Alpharetta GA: Many Options to Choose From!
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September 20, 2016
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September 22, 2016
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Exterior Signs in Alpharetta GA: Many Options to Choose From!

Combine wayfinding functions with effective branding simply by choosing the right set of exterior signs in Alpharetta, GA. In fact, when you opt for a signage suite that serves as the introduction to your interior markers, you start a marketing dialog with the consumer that your staff will finish. What are your options?

Welcome the Consumer with Customized Monument Signs

Catch the eyes of drivers as they come close to your business. By mounting monument signage close to your parking lot’s entrance, you assist motorists with changing lanes safely and not missing the opportunity to visit your location. Choose from all-aluminum construction, the combination of aluminum and acrylic, brick and mortar setups, and pre-formed outdoor-rated foam shapes. Facings include sandblasted signs and pan faces.

For property managers in charge of multi-tenant buildings, an excellent alternative to the individual monument is the installation of a pylon sign that allows for blade displays of each business’ name and logo. Consider whether you want to maintain a uniform look or let each company use its color and font scheme. As a general rule of thumb, large pylons are better when there is plenty of space between strip malls, shopping centers, and business parks. When these are closer together, monuments closer to the ground work well.

Incorporate Electronic Message Centers with Monuments or Building Signs

Electronic message boards provide you with the opportunity to engage the consumer before s/he even sets foot inside your business. Broadcast special offers, highlight favorable rates, advertise the arrival of sought-after merchandise or announce special events that are of interest to your target demographic. These boards are ideal for incorporation into monument signs or box cabinets that attach directly to the façade as building signs. Opt for full-color output, which allows you to play commercial-quality ads or choose one color displays for a more muted approach.

Building Signs Combine Wayfinding and Branding Functions

There is a wide variety of choices when shopping for building signs. We usually recommend the selection of a design that harmonizes with the look of your monument.

Channel letters – Available in lit and unlit versions, these products spell out your company’s name in its well-known font. When opting for illuminated letters, pick front or backlit versions. Other alternatives include a combination of the two options as well as an open-face design.

Lightbox cabinets – These signs are ideal when you want to communicate more than just your name and logo. Frequently, business owners add information about professional memberships and specialties. These products allow for the integration of the previously mentioned electronic message centers. Customized cabinets also provide the logo display portion of channel letter building signs.

Dimensional letters – Select metal, acrylic, or outdoor-rated sign foam for the manufacture of your dimensional letters. For prismatic lettering, formed plastic is a good idea.

How to Buy Exterior Signs in Alpharetta, GA

Contact our graphic artists for help with your next outdoor signage purchase. We gladly visit your location for a site survey, which helps us give you professional advice on sign placement, display heights, mounting options, and zoning requirements. Schedule your client consultation today!

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