Consider Exterior HDU Sandblasted Wall Signs in Alpharetta GA
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November 11, 2016
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November 15, 2016
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Consider Exterior HDU Sandblasted Wall Signs in Alpharetta GA

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High-density urethane (HDU) is quickly becoming a favorite material in sign making. A man-made product, it resists weathering and proves to be of no interest to insects. When Xplore contacted us to discuss the design of exterior HDU sandblasted wall signs in Alpharetta, GA, these folks knew that the material would be the ideal substrate.

After meeting with our client, we put together a product that features a frame, a second frame, and the business’ name, tagline, and logo as three-dimensional style elements. When you look closely, you notice that we designed the sign to feature an indentation for the house number display. Once we finished painting the various parts in different colors and installed the product, it looked great against the red brick façade.

Popular HDU Signage Uses

In addition to using this product for an exterior wall sign, we have worked with clients who requested it as the facing for a monument. We can paint the finished product any color of the rainbow, which endears the signage solution to bed and breakfast operators and gift shop owners. But if you prefer, our technicians can also make the product look like a genuine wood sign that you might hang as a shingle from a supporting arm near the entrance to your business.

Another great application option is its use as the panel portion of a post and panel sign. Clients asking for this signage solution usually need directional markers on the exterior of their facilities. They might also be park officials who like to combine natural and manmade artistry or retailers who put together display presentations for product lines.

Understanding the Sandblasting Process

After you have signed off on a proof, we start the manufacturing process by cutting a board of the material into your sign’s desired shape. If you need us to cut indentations or indicate a particular form that you prefer, now is the time to make these changes to the typically square boards.

  • Mask off areas. Our technicians now cover the elements you want to present in a 3D manner. Doing so makes it possible for the sandblasting to eat away at the rest of the material without bothering the protected spaces.
  • Sandblast the sheet. We do this process with your preferred background texture in mind. Some clients like the idea of featuring a wood grain presentation while others prefer a sandstone finish. Once we reach the ideal depth, we stop the process.
  • Hand-finish the product. After removing the masking product, we ensure that the transition between three-dimensional style elements and the background is smooth and without jagged edges. Now is also the time to clean the sign, which makes it possible to prepare the product for the application of primer, paint, and then a finishing coat.

How to Order Your Sandblasted HDU Sign

Whether you need interior or exterior HDU sandblasted wall signs in Alpharetta, GA, we always start with a client consultation. During that appointment, we look at any artwork you want us to incorporate, discuss size and shape of the proposed product, and offer you options concerning mounting and location choices. Call us today to schedule your appointment!

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