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Channel Letter Signs in Atlanta Beckon a Dine-in Experience

Channel Letter Signs in Atlanta

Fill up Your Restaurant’s Tables with Channel Letter Signs in AtlantaChannel Letter Signs in Atlanta

With the holidays just around the corner, your restaurant has no reason to have empty tables. Extended families are in the area visiting, so get-togethers are inevitable; make your restaurant their venue of choice. Anniversaries and myriad reasons to celebrate—have your restaurant stand out with channel letter signs in Atlanta.

Effective Signage Leads to Results

Business signage is a must for any restaurant. Sure, having an online presence is critical for restaurants nowadays, but having channel letter signs in Atlanta on your location is necessary. Channel letter signs are so popular because of their durability, flexibility, and overall appeal.

Made primarily from aluminum, channel letter signs require little maintenance, which is a plus for restaurant owners. If you drive around any city, you’ll notice a plethora of sign designs, especially with channel letter signs; that’s because they’re extremely flexible and can conform to the style you want. If your logo has a unique typeface, channel letter signs will work for you. Also, channel letter signs pop. With colors, lights, and one-of-a-kind designs, your restaurant can organically pull in a crowd just by appealing to anyone who drives by. Have you ever taken an interest in a business because of its attractive sign? Let your restaurant be that business. As for types of channel letter signs, you have three common options:Channel Letter Signs in Atlanta

1. Standard channel letter signs are probably what comes to mind when you think of business signage. LED lighting illuminates these types of signs. This is the standard building signage option for most industries.

2. Reverse- or halo-lit channel letter signs are illuminated from behind. Rather than lighting up each letter, reverse-lit channel letter signs offer a soft, halo-like glow from behind. This effect is great for any business and excels at night with its elegant, backlit qualities.

3. Open face channel letter signs are much like standard channel letter signs but with open lettering. The exposed lights in open-face channel letters offer a cool effect that adds depth to your sign’s lettering. This works well with any typeface—be especially well with thin, cursive logos.

The Pros Who can Help: Apex Signs & Graphics

Your menu packs a punch; now, get business signage to reflect that. Count on Apex Signs & Graphics for your channel letter signs in Atlanta needs. Contact us today at 678-795-0775 or request a quote. To find out how else signage can draw in customers, connect with us out on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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