Cabinet Monument Sign Helps Southern Comforts Consignments Store Stand Out!
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March 24, 2015
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March 24, 2015
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Cabinet Monument Sign Helps Southern Comforts Consignments Store Stand Out!

Retail Store Signs in Atlanta

Operating three locations – in Dunwoody, Alpharetta and Roswell – keeps the owners of Southern Comforts Consignments busy. Purveyors of gorgeous antiques, furniture items, home accessories and gifts suitable for any occasion, the stores cater to a large clientele. Of course, finding the storefronts and getting the attention of motorists is just as important as guiding pedestrians through the doors. Thinking about redoing its exterior signage, the company contacted Apex Signs and Graphics.

Together with the client, we decided on a custom cabinet sign with digital print. It is part of a monument marker, which attracts motorists and helps them locate the entrance to the parking lot. Cabinet monument signs for Alpharetta, GA, are common sights. The same is true for marker signs for Roswell, GA, and Dunwoody. We shaped the cabinet sign to mimic the business’ logo. Next, we printed the company’s information onto the sign. Using the same fonts and style elements, the signage has now become an extension of the venue’s interior.

Customers entering the store know what to expect, and they are never disappointed. If you are thinking of adding a cabinet sign to your venue’s exterior, you have plenty of options. Just like Southern Comforts Consignments, you might choose a custom-shaped cabinet with information printed right onto the sign. If you would prefer a different setup, choices abound.

  • Pan face sign with letter board. Resembling an elongated cookie sheet, you might choose to have your business name and logo to the left, while an enclosed board to the right permits for changing messages. This is the type of sign that can stand alone. Schools, faith communities and volunteer organizations like these markers because it is possible to change date and time specific information in a jiffy. If you do not need this ability, simply pick a pan face monument cabinet sign. It eliminates the message portion and instead highlights your business name and logo for branding.
  • Form face sign. If it is a geometric shape, we can make it for you. Unlike the custom shape, these signs come as circles, rectangles, squares or triangles. We print your information onto the front of the sign where it is clearly visible to passersby and motorists.

All cabinets can become part of a monument sign or be attached to your building’s facade. The monument option allows you to detach the signage from your property’s front and place it closer to the street or nearer the sidewalk where persons walking by see it before they might even notice your business. When you add illumination to your signage, you attract business even after dark. The light also helps with security during your off hours.

If you are confused about your options but know that a sign like the one chosen for Southern Comforts Consignments could work for you, give our friendly graphic artists a call. We will do a site evaluation and discuss your options with you. Who knows, maybe a revamping of your exterior signage will lead to an increase in your bottom line.

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