Brighten Offices with Digital Print Graphics in Alpharetta GA
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September 21, 2016
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Brighten Offices with Digital Print Graphics in Alpharetta GA

A growing number of businesses now outfit their offices with digital print graphics in Alpharetta, GA. What do these professionals know that others are only now learning? Is this trend something that could benefit your company?

Graphics Incorporate Ads in a Decorative Display

For the casual onlooker, the print graphics in the lobby may be an attractive geometric pattern that uses the company’s corporate colors. When this client looks a bit closer, s/he might notice that the shapes combine to present an outline of a product. For the astute marketer who combines images with lettering, a written tagline or motto would underscore the ad content of the print graphic. Choosing this kind of display is far more attractive and useful than an outright “buy me” message.

Multiple Graphic Types Combine to Create a Persuasive Call to Action

When you add splashes of color to the floor (floor graphics), ceiling, and walls with digital prints, you not only provide the onlooker’s eye with a path of travel, but you also ensure that your embedded messages receive notice. A progressive call to action offers the client a chance to initiate a conversation about specific products or services with your staff members. In the alternative, the customer might be more inclined to explore a sales conversation about these products if your representatives mention them. Setting the tone for a sales-minded office may be the little something extra that inspires the client to learn more.

Disguise Architectural Problems with the Space

Low ceilings, small walls, wall spaces that are overly broad, unusual divider configurations, and missing windows are just some of the problems you may have when doing business in offices with plenty of past build-out activity. Select wall wraps with gradient color changes, textures, and other elements to help the eye overlook these problems. For example, clients with tiny office spaces lacking windows have had excellent success by installing graphics that mimic the presence of a window and then adding curtains or blinds to complete the illusion.

How to Incorporate Print Graphics into Your Office Setup

Business owners have caught on to the fact that you do not have to invest in costly artwork and expensive advertising campaigns that only target those on the outside. When ordering digital print graphics in Alpharetta, GA company settings, you save money on the corporate artwork that is usually of the same high quality but far more expensive. Also, you have the unique option of customizing artwork so that it not only fits in with your office’s overall atmosphere but frequently actually sets its tone.

Ad campaigns that target the prospective in-office client or investor are also increasing in popularity. At the heart of this recognition is the understanding that sales staff only have a limited opportunity to influence a customer; print graphics may very well pave the way to make this process a lot easier. In fact, contact us today to learn more about this marketing tool and find out how it could change the look and feel of your space.

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