Atlanta Signs | 3 Views of the “Cost” of Commercial Signage?
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Atlanta Signs | 3 Views of the “Cost” of Commercial Signage?

Most business owners are concerned about the “cost” of purchasing a commercial sign Part of service is to encourage them at the big picture. Perception is everything and there are at least three ways to look at anything. When the business owner considers a new building sign, one owner might see a price tag. Another might see a low cost expense item. Yet another owner might view that as an income-producing asset that more than pays for itself. How do you see things?

The “Price Tag” View: If you’re concerned about the price tag of signage for your business, consider this: A $5,000 price tag is only $13.70 per day, if your sign was installed for only one year ($5,000 ÷ 365 = $13.70). But your sign will certainly be doing its job for more than a year. If, for instance, your sign was in place for five years, announcing your business presence to the world night and day, that price tag is reduced to only $2.74 a day, about the cost of a cup of coffee.

The “Value” View: In order to compare advertising value, it is necessary to consider the number of potential “exposures” or encounters for each form of advertising. Recent sign industry research comparing the cost per 1,000 exposures of various forms of advertising shows commercial signage to be the most cost effective choice you can make. In this research, television was the highest at $13.20 per thousand, followed by newspaper at $3.47 per thousand, and outdoor advertising at only $1.65 per thousand. On-premise signage came in at a mere $0.13 per thousand exposures.

The “Asset” View: Commercial real estate experts will tell you the value of any business property includes a portion dedicated to the value of a location’s “visibility.” This is expressed in lease rates that are higher per square foot to account for the increased visibility for a particular location. In fact, the “visibility factor” is a tangible dollar figure. A set of channel letters or a monument sign is an asset designed to capture that built in exposure and convert it into business revenue. When viewed as an asset, commercial signage shifts the discussion from “costs” to “revenues.”

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Regardless of your location, our goal at Apex Signs & Graphics is to make your marketing PAY! We are in the business of graphic communication, and our products sell YOUR MESSAGE. It is this message that creates top of mind awareness and causes your customer to BUY . . . to buy from YOU . . . and to buy from you REPEATEDLY!

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