5 Types of Peachtree Monument Signs to Consider
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5 Types of Peachtree Monument Signs to Consider

The Peachtree monument signs Alpharetta members of the business community commission vary in size and look. It has long been a common misconception that the standard monument marker is made from brick, rebar and concrete. And while some of these kinds of signs are still being commissioned today, the inexpensive nature and versatility of foam is taking the landscape by storm.

A Look at the Types of Peachtree Monument Signs!

So what are the Peachtree monument sign styles Alpharetta, GA, business owners should consider? At Apex Signs & Graphics, we have narrowed down the selection to five types that have the power to represent your business perfectly.


Measuring about eight feet in height and more than six feet in width, this sign has a collective square footage of 52 feet. The depth is one foot. The tall nature of this marker allows for plenty of information or for the addition of lettering as well as a box cabinet. The height is imperative when placed at busy intersections and along roads were speeds are high.


If the width of the sign is of greater importance than the height, then a wide marker is the right solution. Measuring five feet in height and 12 feet in width, the overall signage square footage is 60. The depth of the marker is two feet. If your business’ name is made up of multiple words – as is frequently the case with law firms or accountancy offices – this is an excellent monument sign to consider.


When you are situated in an office park, you do not need the same type of sign for your business. Opt for a compact sign that blends into the surrounding area. The size of five feet in height and six feet in width is generally sufficient. It provides you with 30 square feet of advertising space.

For Multiple Businesses

Choose a square sign that gives you optimum display space for multiple business listings. This is usually done in a medical office complex as well as in a strip mall setting. Although a pylon may sometimes work for the latter, the signage of choice along the entrance road is almost always a monument marker. Measuring almost 11 feet in width and more than six feet in height, this type of marker offers you 69 square feet of display space, which is sufficient to advertise the names and logos of a wide array of businesses.

Tall Marker for Multiple Businesses

The 10 feet in height and eight feet in width look deceptively small because of the addition of columns. But there are actually an overall 80 square feet of display space. If you like the idea of a taller marker, this is the choice to consider.

Of course, there are plenty of other Peachtree monument sign styles to choose from. Columns, adornments and rounded as well as ornate tops are just some of the style elements that are available. For more information on your options and pricing, please call our knowledgeable signage experts today. We can help you buy the sign that is ideal for your location and overall look of the neighboring area. And, we’re happy to help with sign permitting!

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