4 Lobby Signs Choices for Alpharetta Business Owners!
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4 Lobby Signs Choices for Alpharetta Business Owners!

When thinking through the selection of your next lobby sign, consider the purchase from your customer’s point of view. What do prospective buyers of your products want to know about your enterprise? How can you make them feel more at ease or sufficiently secure in the knowledge that your company represents the right way of doing business to get the job done? Within each field, the answer is different. We have found that there are four lobby signs choices for Alpharetta businesses that usually work well.

1. Dimensional Letters

The charm of dimensional letters is the simplicity of the display. There are no bells and whistles. Instead, visitors to your location focus on the lines, crisp edges, size, and material selection of your lobby sign. In this setup, the material selection is the key component that communicates the loudest. For example, metal is a clear indicator of a company that does well financially and anticipates being in business for decades to come. Acrylic is a hallmark of firms in niches where creativity is a must. Examples include software engineering, architecture, and medicine. If you have a large wall space to work with, we usually recommend dimensional letters, too.

2. Acrylic Panel Lobby Signs

The lobby logo panel is suitable for a broad range of trades. Typically, we start with a clear acrylic board. From there, only your creativity is the limit.

Vinyl overlays – Envision the use of an imprinted but translucent vinyl sheet that we install behind or on top of the panel. It could hold background images or a subliminal design setup. It could also display your information.

Dimensional letters – Scaled down versions of dimensional letter spell out your company’s information. Mix and match materials for a heightened visual interest.

LEDs – Light sources can make your lobby sign stand out. By painting the acrylic in a darker color, the addition of colorful LEDs behind the board allows for the introduction of another corporate color.

3. Foam Letter Lobby Signs

When you have a flair for the dramatic, foam is the ideal material. We use it to create budget-friendly signs for start-ups as well as impressive markers for companies that seek to create a display with light and shadows. Since foam is suitable for cutting in thicknesses of up to three inches, a properly trained spotlight can result in amazing shadow plays. Add metal or acrylic laminates for best results. Clients who appreciate these signage options include clothing retailers and entrepreneur

4. Illuminated Lobby Signs

Among the four lobby signs choices for Alpharetta businesses, illuminated products are high on the list. Some clients like the idea of featuring channel letters on their reception area walls. In so doing, they repeat the brand message they send with their building signs. Others like the combination of metal and acrylic. For example, we could create a metal sign body with push-through acrylic letters that illuminate from behind with LEDs. These types of products are surefire attention-getters and work well in settings with avant-garde products, out of the box thinking, and innovative technology are major selling points.

Call us today to learn more about the options open to you and explore additional material and display choices.

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